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Piece of nature was founded by moran naor back at 2016.

The company represents the uniqueness and precision that is found in the taste and beauty of the most natural, simple and clean ingredients. 

Our leading string is the belief that we have the full power to control our lives and by changing small habits we can achieve a higher quality of life.

Our products range includes different kinds of sweets that are manufactured in a unique and caring way in small batches so we can really make everything with high attention and mindfulness.

For optimal nourishment we adapt our ingredients for a better sync with our body by activation, sprouting and dehydration, all under low and controlled temperature, in order to keep each bite as nourish as it can be.


My connection to the culinary world began when I discovered I was suffering from hypothyroidism.
Deepening about the food issue and its effect on the regulatory activity of the gland led me to embrace the natural way of life that sanctifies the body, mind, environment and harmony between them.​​

Motivated by passion, enthusiasm and excitement to find a better and richer way of life, coupled with my curiosity, I began to learn and experiment with myself.
The inspiration for my occupational change came after I had witnessed the pleasure of people who tried these creations for the first time and at the same time saw the amazement when they experienced the 'after' feeling on their bodies.
I acquired my training at a culinary school in Los Angeles and New York, where I became a natural chef specializing in raw food.​

These days I am aiming to work in synergy with the ingredients that will nourish, improve and emphasize the beauty of our body and soul at the deepest level.
'piece of nature' was actually established out of a desire to be a source of knowledge and inspiration and out of the need for products that will add a little more goodness, pleasure and beauty to our lives.