Sandwich cookies

Cinnamon & Orange caramel: Two cinnamon crunchy cookies topped with cacao nibs, with orange caramel betweem them.


Salted caramel: Two crunchy cookies topped with nuts Fractions with salted caramel in between.


Alfajores: Our version for one of the most delicious cookie in the world. Two crumbly 'butter' cookies with our Dulce de-leche.

Sandwich cookies

  • Cinnamon & Orange caramel: Coconut. Buckwheat. Almonds. Tapioca. Whole rice. Cinnamon. Cashews. Cacao. Sea salt.

    Salted caramel: Coconut. Buckwheat. Almond. Tapioca. Whole rice. Cashew. Cacao. Sea salt.

    Alfajores: Coconut. Maple. Buckwheat. Tapioca. Whole rice. Apple. Cashew. Almond. Vanilla. Sea salt.

Vegan patisserie  |  Plant based  |  Refine sugar free  |  Soy free  |  Hand made





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