Raw Cakes Mix Pack

In the mix pack you'll find all of our raw cakes flavors.


Cakes size - Bite size 3*3cm

Raw Cakes Mix Pack

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    Tripple berries: *Cashew. **Almond. **Buckwheat. Coconut. Maple. Blueberries. Blackberries. Raspberries. Dates. Cacao. Lemon. Sea salt.

    Mango & Mint:  *Cashew. **Buckwheat. Coconut. Maple. Mango. Dates. Lemon. Mint. Spirulina. Turmeric. Sea salt.

    White chocolate & Raspberries:  *Cashew. **Almond. **Buckwheat. Coconut. Cacao. Maple. Dates. Raspberries. Vanilla. Sea salt.

    Lemon & Blueberries: *Cashew. **Buckwheat. Coconut. Maple. Blueberries. Dates. Lemon. Sea salt.

    Coffee & Chocolate: *Cashew. **Buckwheat. Coconut. Cacao. Maple. Dates. Espresso. Almond. Vanilla. Sea salt.

    Super foods: *Cashew. **Almond. **Buckwheat. Coconut. Maple. Dates. Cacao. Lemon. Ginger. Strawberries. Maca. Turmeric. Acai. Basil. Spirulina. Sesame. Sea salt.

    Chai & Orange caramel: *Cashew. **Almond. **Buckwheat. Coconut. Maple. Dates. Cacao. Orange. Lemon. Cinnamon. Nutmeg. Crdamom. Ginger. Sea salt.

    Strawberries & Cream:  *Cashew. **Buckwheat. Coconut. Strawberries. Maple. Dates. Chia. Vanilla. Sea salt.

    Vanilla & Cookies: *Cashew. **Almond. **Buckwheat. Coconut. Cacao. Maple. Dates. Vanilla. Maca. Sea salt.

Vegan patisserie  |  Plant based  |  Refine sugar free  |  Soy free  |  Wheat free  |  Hand made






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