Chocolate Bars Mix Pack


The pack contains 18 chocolate bars from 9 different types:


1. The hazelnut bar contains a bottom layer of raw sticky brownie topped with a layes of hazelnut caramel, all coated with our 70% raw chocolate with roasted hazelnut chips.


2. The peanut butter and caramel bar contains a bottom layer of crispy peanut butter and whole rice puffs topped with a layer of our dulce de leche, coated with our 70% raw chocolate.


3. The pecan bar contains whole roasted pecans in a sweet nuts ganache, coated with our 70% raw chocolate. Topped with a whole pecan.


4. The olive oil - rosemary - double chocolate bar contains a bottom layes of cacao crispy crumble with a layes of a rich olive oil - rosemary - chocolate ganache, coated with our 70% raw chocolate. Topped with cacao nibs.


5. The coffee and biscuit bar contains a bottom crunchy layer made out of our biscuits with a creamy layer of coffee, coated with our 70% raw chocolate.


6. The salted popcorn and caramel contains salted popcorn coated with our dulce-de-leche, coated with our white chocolate.


7. The Orange caramel and cinnamon bar contains a cinnamon flavored bottom layer made of sprouted nuts and seeds with dates with a second layer of our  home orange caramel, coated with our white chocolate and topped with citrus dust.


8. The pistachio bar contains a crispy cookie crumbs folded with a sweet pistachio and cashew butter, coated with our white chocolate and topped with crushed pistachios.


9. The cheesecake and crumble bar contains a creamy lemon cheesecake cream with crumble, coated with our white chocolate and topped with crumble.

Chocolate Bars Mix Pack

Pack size
  • Hazelnut bar: Hazelnut. Coconut. Date. Cacao. Almond. Maple. Maca. Sea salt.

    Peanut butter & Caramel bar: Peanut. Coconut. Cacao. Whole rice. Cashew. Almond. Sea salt.

    Pecan bar: Pecan. Coconut. Almond. Cashew. Cacao. Maple. Hazelnut. Vanilla. Sea salt.

    Olive oil & Rosemary & Double chocolate bar: Cacao. Cashew. Coconut. Olive oil. Buckwheat. Whole rice. Tapioca. Maple. Almond. Rosemary. Sea salt.

    Coffee & Biscuits bar: Coconut. Cashew. Almond. Cacao. Maple. Buckwheat. Whole rice. Tapioca. Apple. Espresso. Vanilla. Sea salt.

    Salted popcorn & caramel bar: Cacao. Cashew. Almond. Popcorn. Coconut. Maple. Nutritional yeast. Sea salt.

    Orange caramel & Cinnamon: Cacao. Coconut. Dates. *Buckwheat. *Almond. Maple. Cashew. Orange. Cinnamon. Sea salt. (*sprouted)

    Pistacio bar: Cashew. Pistachi. Cacao. Coconut. Buckwheat. Whole rice. Tapioca. Maple. Vanilla. Sea salt.

    Cheesecake & Crumble bar: Almond. Cashew. Cacao. Maple. Coconut. Lemon. Buckwheat. Whole rice. Tapioca. Vanilla. Sea salt.


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