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Time for the self.


We are all so busy.

Running all week trying to delete tasks from our TO DO lists.

What if i told you, you had a day off every week, that you couldn't do anything that had to do with work, what would you do?

A few weeks ago Dor brought up the idea of taking one day a week OFF.

Sounds a little bit crazy, isn't it? We are still a small business, how can we do it when there is so much to work on?

When i asked him about what made him think about it he said :

"When we work out, we don't build the muscle, we destroy it. The muscle is built when we are at rest.

The same thing for our daily work routine, the real insights, ideas and renewals happens when we disconnect." (have no idea if he heard this analogy somewhere or maybe it's his, but it's a cool one).

Immediately i agreed.

It's not the first time we come across this idea of investing time for self developing.

We always interested in how to become a better self and it's always at the back of our mind and to be honest, for so many years I found myself interested in so many topics. And as the years go by, my interests grew.

Also, a lot of great people we admire are doing it, and talk about how crucial it is for their success to take time off without the background noise they usually have so we know it is something we have to try.

Important to say, We knew it couldn't come at the expense of our work, we would just need to be more efficient than what we were before in order to make it happen.

And we did.

What does it even mean a day off?

When talking with other people about a day off every week, initially it takes everyone to one thing- a rest day.

A day where you basically do nothing.

But that wasn't our intention. Not that there's anything wrong with doing nothing, It is also crucial for self development (!!) but we do have the weekends for that.

Long time ago Dor and i wrote a HUGE list of things we want to do and learn in the future.

But to be honest - we had no idea when we will be able to touch on all of those different subjects that are on the list.

The decision of taking a day off is so we won't need to wait for our reality to change.

The idea behind doing this 'one day off' is not to wait till we build the life we want, it's to create it.

We are taking this day to learn something new, to read books, maybe a new articles, to think about new ideas and be creative. The purpose is to develop ourselves. Develop our brains.

And if you really think about it, developing ourselves eventually will develop the business.

We are the business.

Today, after few months that we do it, i can tell you that it made us super efficient in our work.

When we come back after a day off, we are so focused and do things with extra energy that we didn't have before.

Also it made the week pretty short (i swear) and even though we love what we are doing, it's pretty exciting to get to it every week.

Whenever there is something interesting that we want to do, we don't let it bother us during the work days, we save it to that particular day. We have a full schedule to this day, cause we really want to use it well and we call it a 'learning day'.

Let's be practical

I know that for some of you this is impossible thing to do.

Maybe you work day and night. Maybe you have a business were you can't leave, not even for one day (or even for a few hours). Maybe you're a workaholic. Maybe you don't know how it will look like to the world. Everyone knows best about themselves.

If you took me back ONE year, it probably couldn't happen.

If you took me back 6 months, it probably also couldn't happen.

What really changed my sight was the coronavirus. the quarantine we all needed to be in.

Having some more time brought us to the point of questioning ourselves :

If eventually all you have is your home, where do you want to live? what do you want to do? how will you make the best out of it?

That a huge thing i can talk about for hours, but i think that understanding that the world within is even more important than the world outside - is big by itself.

So, i'm not a guru. Nor an expert for it. I didn't come from a place where it's normal to do it (I don't want to get into the reality i was raised in, i guess like so many of you, and how our parents generation see things in another way).

Just a girl telling you about her experience and insights.

If you feel that you want it, it really doesn't have to be at this very constellation. YOU DECIDE.

Maybe dividing the day, maybe do it on the weekends. Whatever you feel - but do what's right for you, for your current situation.

If you ever try it, please let me know what did you think and what are your insights about it!

I know it might bring up questions, let me know at the comment is there's anything else you would like to know about it?

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