The spicy kick you need // Fermented green chillies and radishes in olive oil recipe

Last week i promised you a recipe for something fermented, After talking so much about the importance of our gut health and consuming probiotics rich foods - check the article here.

So here it is!!

This recipe is super simple and you can play with it and change or add different ingredients - It will still turn out amazing!

*Note- to promote gut health you don't need A LOT of fermented foods each day, it is highly recommended to start slow with 1 tsp a day for best results in incorporating the new bacterias into your microbiome.

For the fermentation you'll need:

1L Glass jar - sterilized (pour boiling water in it, let it sit for one minute and pour the water out. make sure you use it when it cooled down).


7-10 green chillies

15-20 small radishes

6 garlic cloves

1 tsp whole black pepper

700g water

50g sea salt


Olive oil


Step one- the fermentation process.

  1. Wash very well all the ingredient.

  2. Dissolve the sea salt in the water in a bowl or pot (not in the jar).

  3. Roughly chop the chillies and radishes in what shape you prefer, no need to be accurate over here (check our the pics above so see what i've done).

  4. Add the chopped chillies and radishes into the jar with the garlic cloves and black pepper and mix them well with a spoon.

  5. Pour the salted water into the jar and make sure you fill the jar until it's 4cm distance from the top/lid.

  6. Important - The water should cover the whole content of the jar and nothing should pop out of the water.

  7. Leave outside on the counter, away from the sun and let it ferment for around 7-10 days.

  8. Taste the chillies and radishes, if it's fermented enough to your taste (enough tangy and sour) put in the fridge and stop the fermented process.

Step two- chop and serve.

  1. Take out some of the content of the jar and drain the liquids from it (important to use very clean spoon).

  2. Chop the blend of the garlics, chillies and radishes (without the whole peppers) very finely (you can also pulse it in the food processor until finely chopped) and put into a container.

  3. Add extra virgin olive oil until it covers most of the chopped mix and combine well with a spoon.

  4. Serve next to any dish or just toasted bread.

Don't forget to let me know how did it turn out :)