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Sometimes, when we find ourselves wanting something sweet and have nothing at home (yes, that happens sometimes) so this recipe was created as a super quick - only one bowl - recipe and usually we have all the ingredients at our pantry.

It's all in one bowl kind of recipe, so - no need for any special equipment or preparations, just throw all in the bowl - mix and fold - freeze - cut.

It's also a quick (healthy, plant based, refine sugar free and gluten free) fix to any sweet bite you'd want.

Ingredients you'll need:

Tahini, raw 150g*

Maple syrup (pure) 60g

Water 8g

Cinnamon powder 3g

Pinch of salt**

*you can totally swipe the tahini to any nut butter you would like/prefer. Tahini is something we can't live without so it's the most available to us (and most of the houses in israel).

**If you love the sweet & salty combination, don't be shy, add extra pinch!


  1. Add ALL of the ingredients into a bowl.

  2. Start mix it until the tahini is 'breaking' and the fat is separated from the mass (see in pics - til the 6th pic)

  3. Discard the fat (or save it to create french toast the morning after!) .

  4. Using absorbent paper, gently soak up the remaining fat on the mass so that there is no accidental paper residue on the mass.

  5. Lay out baking paper and start folding the mass until a uniform mass is formed. Pay attention, fold the mass with the help of baking paper so it won't stick to your hands, it's super sticky.

  6. Wrap up the mass of the toffee and freeze for an hour.

  7. Take out from the freezer and divide to 4 even parts.

  8. Roll to a sausage shape and cut small pieces (like at the first and last pics).

  9. Spread on a tray with a paper sheet and freeze.

  10. Store in the freezer and take out 5 min before you with to enjoy!

And.. that's it.

I swear it's so simple, it will become your staple creation at home.

Also, don't be afraid to play around and add different flavors: (Thinking with you over here) orange zest, maybe orange juice instead of the water?, vanilla, lemon? well, not sure about the combination of lemon and tahini but you can use cashew/almond butter and lemon juice and zest! well, there are so many possibilities!

Don't forget to let me know if you try it and tag/send me your recreations!



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