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Kippur. Introspection time.

For years Yom Kippur was my very favorite holiday, especially as a kid.

You can feel the cleanse in the air.

Everything feels pure.

I admit this year was a bit different. Spending it in the kibbutz, didn't really felt any different or special like in the city. It's just always that quiet.

Just before i jump in and talk about yom kippur, some of you may ask WHAT IS IT?

Long story short - YOM KIPPUR is the holiest day of the year in judaism. Yom Kippur is often called the 'day of repentance' as it inspires introspection, prayer and petitions for forgiveness so that Jews can enter the New Year with a clean slate. This is one of Judaism's fasting holidays, which begins at sundown and ends after nightfall the following day.

I grew up in a very mild - traditionally family.

I was never forced to fast on yom kippur, but it was definitely around me, and ever since my 12th birthday i'm fasting on yom kippur. I'm not a religious person and i never was one, but there is something about this day that i absolutely love.

I choose to see this day as an opportunity to work on something i deeply believe in.

The connection through the disconnection

One day a year, we all just set aside everything and make time for thinking.

For being.



For inner work.

For forgiveness.


No foods and drinks.

No technology.

For one day, the country stops everything to support you in this process.

It feels like magic.

As i mentioned earlier, i'm not a religious person, but i do love my tradition and there's a lot of beauty in it i want to preserve. For the past 4 years i changed my way of fasting and started to drink water while i'm fasting (traditionally it's without any drinks, not even water).

It was when i was staying in the US and wanted to still do it when i asked myself what can i do to make the best out of that day and i decided i rather do it my way than not doing it at all.

On saturday, just few days back, i was thinking to myself what is it that i want to make out of yom kippur this year, the main goals were DISCONNECTION and FORGIVENESS, and these were the 3 leading things i decided to embrace and do (or more accurate to say - don't do) :

#1 Phone free - No social media and phone calls

#2 Water fast - which means, only drink water on that day

#3 Reading & writing > Watching - means that i preferred reading books and write on my journal than watching movies.

I must say, i definitely watched movies! but i dedicated most of my day to writing, reading and also meditating.

Every year i realize new things about me, about my life and about the world i want to live in.

But there is one thing i realize every year - and that's how little do we need. How we can beautifully thrive and be energized from things like the sun, a good conversation and a closer look into our soul.

How we need to put the spotlight on ALL THINGS NOURISHING.

Yom kippur is a good apportunity to start, but it needs to be done every day and not only on any special occasion or holiday.

And how little do we actually do it.

The big question is - HOW DO I ACTUALLY APPLY IT TO MY LIFE?

This journey is something i already went on to.

Journey for a different life.

Meaningful and consciousness life.

Slower life.

These words are coming out of me from a deep feeling of gratitude and appreciation for the kippur i had yesterday.

I am also so grateful to have this platform to spread my feelings and thoughts.

So, How was yom kippur for you? OR, How do work toward YOUR goal life?

Would love to hear your feelings & thoughts on the comments.


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