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Hello (again)!

The very first post on our very new website.

For a long time I thought about what I wanted to publish here.

The question always arises whether to talk only about subjects related to the business, which means - food things only or to talk about other subjects as well?

The answer to this question depends on WHEN you'll ask me.

There are times where it seems right to share more, to talk about different life issues, because our way of life is so much more complex than just the food we eat.

And there are times where it seems a little less to me. Less suitable, and also less professional.

Will anyone even read it?

It took my a while to realise and remember how and why it all started.

'Piece of nature' was created as a secret account (*fun fact*), where i wanted to feel free to SAY, SHARE & DO whatever i wanted to.

Years later 'Piece of nature' became my business and for some reason something went missing on the way with my writing/sharing. One, i had less time. Two, i'm not a big writer, or anyway don't consider myself as one. Three, visually i wasn't sure what do i want to put out there and how everything will look like.

With all that, i need to remind myself every once in a while that the original goal of the account is still standing and more relevant than ever.

The reason i'm writing these thoughts is that i decided to share more.

More of my life. More of me. More of us.

So before we continue, let me introduce myself.

Hello to everyone who is new here and hello again to those who already know me.

My name is Moran Naor, and i'm the founder of 'Piece of nature' and the voice behind the screen.

I'm a plant based chef and a wellness devout fan.

I have a large interests spectrum (Before choosing this career i was an economy student, and loved every minute of it) and a very open minded person.

My life & business partner is Dor Ezra and together we are trying to achieve the life we want to live.

Well, What we are trying to achieve is - Meaningful, Simple, Active and Enjoyable life.

(lots of the times you'll see me referring to myself as 'us' or 'we'. it's because i see dor & myself as one in so many things. We choose together our life decision and it's comes out naturally like that.)

'Piece of nature' started as an IG account. The exact same one most of you probably already visited.

YES, you can scroll down to see how it all started at 2014 (it wasn't that beautiful, but definitely had it's charm at the time).

Piece of nature vision is to be the world’s leading company that helps humanity live healthier lifestyle.

Sounds huge, isn't it?

This is what we have in our mind every. morning. when we wake up and go to work.

To me, YOU, or at least some of you who read this, You are an active part of this journey called 'Piece of nature'. And your support is not just for the products we bring to the world (which are currently only distributed in Israel) but for what we represent. Our lifestyle. And the fact that we have amazing followers from around the world (Australia, Canada, United States, England etc.) encourages me to do what I long wanted but debated on.

And that's to talk.

Add our (dor's and my) personal value.

Talk about our different interests in life.

Our journey to achieve the life we want to live.

Use this platform as a stage.

A place to connect and get closer (even if not physically).

So, to each and every one of you out there, who supports us by reading this, contacting us via social media and of course for all of our amazing customers - THANK YOU.

Every sign from you to us is meaningful. All is support.

So just before you leave,

We have a range of subjects that we want to write about but would love to hear from you -

What is it that YOU would want us to talk about?

(All of the posts will be written in english so everyone will be able to read and be part of this community)


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