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Almond & Garlic dip - Our new version of skordalia

Have you ever tasted a REAL greek food?

I've been to greece few times in my life.

But it was only after i've changed my way of living i really felt like tasting the greek cuisine.

On passover 2018 we had a family trip to thessaloniki, And what an experience we had!

Apparently the greek cuisine has a lot of plant based elements in it (just like most of the mediterranean cuisines), and i was so grateful for the opportunity to try a lot of the original and local greek food.

In that trip i finally got to know the SKORDALIA - A traditional Greek side dish usually served with fish or vegetables but can be used also as a dip. (well, i must say it was new to me only. I'm culinary disabled, relatively to dor).

It was served to the table almost every time!

*Fast forward for today* - After deciding to start the 'ingredients spotlight' series, we thought that it's a good idea giving a relevant recipe with the same main ingredient we're talking about in the series.

We had few recipes options for the almond issue but we truly think that this recipe is so easy, quick and a really good one that we want to start with it.

We made few changes from the original recipe that to our opinion made it even better!

The original skordalia is usually made with pureed potatoes - On our recipe you won't find potatoes.

The original skordalia is usually made with blanched almonds - On our recipe we used almonds butter.

The original skordalia is made with mortar and pestle - We used food processor.

Note- the skordalia have a strong tangy garlic flavor with buttery texture. Serve with something that will be a good balance for the strong flavor like toasts, roasted veggies etc.

*This exact recipe will yields you a 1\2 liter box

*Store in an airtight container in the fridge for 7 days.


300g almond butter

55g garlic Confit (highly recommended. if you don't have add 10g fresh garlic)

50g lemon juice (juice from 2 lemons)

35g extra virgin olive oil

15g fresh garlic (around 4 cloves)

100g water

40g ice cubes

7g sea salt

Recommended toppings-

High quality sumac, chives, chopped almonds, nigella and high quality olive oil.


  1. Add all the ingredients except for the almond butter and olive oil to the food processor and blend until thick paste.

  2. Add the almond butter and olive oil and blend until well combined and smooth (do not over blend).

  3. Spread on a wide plate and top with any of the recommended toppings.

Enjoy and don't forget to let me know/tag me whenever you try it!


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